Natural Stone

Natural Stone

The most common natural stone used for exterior hardscapes include bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate and quartzite. We can provide other options as well.

Similar to choosing a marble countertop for your home, picking a natural stone for your hardscape finish means you are choosing an entirely unique material. The same sedimentary category of natural stone will provide similar characteristics and colors, but will vary overall, which is what makes it special. Often imitated, natural stone is impossible to duplicate with engineered materials.

The most common natural stone finishes you see are random ‘natural’ cut or ‘precut tile’ patterns. The most simple and basic use for random flagstone is to create natural or rustic pathways and patios by placing the random natural shapes directly into your existing landscape subgrade. The most popular and sought after look for natural stone hardscapes is when the stone, whether ‘natural’ cut or ‘precut tile’ is used to create a lasting beautiful and unique hardscape finish by attaching the stone to a concrete base and then grouted together, because a concrete slab is the base for your natural stone finished hardscape, you are offered great versatility in shape and design.

Natural stone finishes can be used for flatwork or on walls and columns and stairways. Natural stone finish is both classic and modern… it is timeless.

Functional structures, aesthetic accents and finishing touches.

When designing your landscape project, you should be considering the overall use of space and the feeling you want to have when you are in it. You can truly compliment the flow and aesthetics of your landscape by being creative with the function of your space. The placement of walls for planter beds, entertainment seating, to separate the different outdoor spaces, creating a firepit or retaining levels of your yard can assist in fully maximizing the use of your space.

Combining different finishes and structures add style and character to your space. The atmosphere lighting within walls, columns, stairways and garden beds create in your home’s exterior is amazing. With the options to add irrigation systems and new sod, your project will be fully complete and ready to enjoy. Call us today to get started.